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Overseas and International Shipping

Information about shipping your vehicle overseas and internationally.

Are you looking to possibly transport your vehicle overseas? Maybe looking to ship a vehicle to or out of the USA and/or Canada? Before exporting or importing a vehicle it's always a good idea to make sure your vehicle is eligible to be shipped in the first place, or even worth it depending on any applicable import duties. Always make sure to contact the local government's consulate office for help in regards to eligibility and duty rates.

Generally for import and export there are two frequently used methods. Either direct services, or services via bonded warehouses. Fill out our car shipping quote to get information on what is required to service your shipment.

You should also take into consideration how you want to ship a vehicle. There are several methods available. Roll on and roll off (RO/RO), less-than-container-load (LCL), and full-container-load (FCL). Scroll down or call us for more information.

Exporting from Canada

When exporting your vehicle overseas from Canada...

The first option is to have your vehicle transported to the nearest port of loading via domestic transport. Depending on your vehicle's final destination we can ship your vehicle to the appropriate staging point. Container shipping is widely available as well, and to pretty much every country. This is one of the cheapest options.

The second option if needed would be to send the vehicle(s) to the USA utilizing a T&E bond. This may potentially save on overall costs for export but is also one of the more complicated ways of shipping. We typically do not recommend this type of service unless absolutely required.

Exporting from the USA

To export from the USA...

There are several ways to ship your vehicle. The most common is RORO service, then LCL. FCL is reserved for full moves, such as household goods and/or vehicles. Best used by re-sellers or commercial entities.

What we do is handle the logistics and paperwork from point A to point B. All you need to do is provide us with some documents and we handle the rest. With our extensive network we have hundreds of staging points all over the USA saving you time and money.

Read the Ocean Freight Terminonlogy for a better understanding of the terms. Or call us to find out more.

Importing into the USA and Canada

How we can handle your import needs

Importing your vehicle into the USA, or Canada from an overseas country can be a hassle. You must also get it done in advance to avoid costly fees with potential storage and other unexpected costs.

Our agents work at all major ports to ensure accuracy and accountability. We service ISF+5, ISF+10, 7501, 3299, B-3's and more. Contact us for more information regarding importing your vehicle or cargo. It would be our pleasure to assist you. For more online information please see our Customs & AES Filing section.

For shipping quotes please click our auto transport quote.
Have more questions? Give us a call or check out our other sections for more information.

AES / SED Filings

If you just need to file a Shipper's Export Declaration aka AES Filing, we handle them as well. Please click on the order button to be redirected to our quote page so we can get started.

For shipping quotes please click our auto transport quote.
Have more questions? Give us a call or check out our other sections for more information.

Additional Services

Add-ons for your export needs
  • Additional Schedule B No.
  • +$25 USD
  • each additional
  • Per additional Sch B. No (HTS)
  • popular
  • RUSH
  • +$35 USD
  • one-time
  • 24 hour processing
  • convenient
  • 72 Hour Notice
  • +$20
  • one-time
  • Send 72 hour notice to CBP

Ocean Freight Terminology

For more information please either call us or email us. Feel free to Read More as well.

Roll on/Roll off (RO/RO)
RO/RO service translates to, roll-on, roll-off. Which means the vehicle will be driven onto the vessel, and at the POD (port of discharge), driven off. This allows for easy loading and unloading without any unnecessary costs for packing and bracing into a container. This is normally used for privately owned vehicles.
Less-than-container-load (LCL)
LCL is known as less-than container load. Your vehicle is taken to a warehouse for it to be packed and braced into a container. It shares a consolidated space other vehicles in the same container all going to the same destination. The container is then shipped out once full. Upon arrival the container is then removed from the vessel, loaded into another warehouse to be unpacked. This service can save hundreds over RO/RO.
Full-container-load (FCL)
FCL is know as full container load. It is where the vehicles are packed and braced into the container solely for one client. It can be a flat rack as well for break-bulk service. Mostly dealers and other professionals generally in the auto parts and vehicle business would use this method. It increases profit margins for the shipper and can save thousands over RO/RO.
Shipping a Car

We ship most of our clients vehicles in and between most major cities. We pick up on trends and price accordingly to offer the most competitive shipping rates out there. We tend to see a lot of movement in and out of Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax for vehicle shipping. Of course though, we offer services outside of the major locations too. We even offer car shipping services for Snowbirds that originate from Canada and are looking to come to the US for some sun. We also arrange informal entries for a low cost as well if you need help completing paperwork.

We do mostly door to door shipping, but we offer Auto Terminal Shipping as well for convenience for anyone who can wait or needs to leave out of town and prefers to drop their vehicle off instead of waiting for the carrier to come by for pick up. Our door to door service is where we have a local carrier come and pick up your vehicle and take it to our facilities for our freighters to then pick up and take to the closest terminal location to your destination. It is then loaded again onto a local carrier and brought to your door for delivery.

How much to ship my car?

Our prices are all inclusive, and by that we mean 1 price, no extras, no hidden surprises. Nothing. That's right, our prices include fuel, tolls, taxes, mileage, insurance, and door to door direct shipping. What's more, we'll match a competitor's rate so long as it's in writing and matches our level of service.

The cost to ship your vehicle depends on many different factors. Things such as fuel costs, supply and demand, seasonal changes and of course the size of your vehicle. You may be surprised through, the costs to ship your car, truck, or SUV may actually save you money vs. driving it across country. Getting an auto transport quote is really easy. Call us or fill out our online quote form.

Can I put things in my car for transport?

It really all depends on what's going on. Some people may leave a suitcase or two in the trunk, and that's fine most of the time. But there is a fine line between shipping one or two suitcases, and an apartment. We encourage you to call us directly for more information about shipping your vehicle, the process, procedures, and rules to follow.