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Canada-wide Transport
Shipping your vehicle within Canada shouldn't be hard to figure out. More and more people are turning to vehicle transport as a viable option to driving instead. Long moves for new jobs, schools, and military orders.
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Canada-wide Transport (back)
At Fidelity Auto Shipping, we work with thousands of carriers every day. Meeting the needs of all of our clients. We know that carrier relationships are the key to delivering high levels of service to our clients.
How much to ship my car?
Our prices are all inclusive, and by that we mean 1 price, no extras, no hidden surprises. Nothing. That's right, our prices include fuel, tolls, taxes, mileage, insurance, and door to door direct shipping.
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How much to ship my car? (back)
The cost to ship your vehicle depends on many different factors. Things such as fuel costs, supply and demand, seasonal changes and of course the size of your vehicle. You may be surprised the costs to ship may actually save you money.
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Cross-border Shipping
When you are looking to transport your vehicle over country lines, there is a lot more going on than one might think. The procedures involved can be complicated. There are rules and regulations that must be followed in order to make sure the entry is done correctly.
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Cross-border Shipping (back)
The beauty of this service is that we have it streamlined. To the point that everything is done in house. One point of contact, one company, and done. We will be your point of contact from start to finish, and only one bill needs to be arranged. We do the logistics, customs, and billing.
Overseas Shipping
Before exporting or importing a vehicle it's always a good idea to make sure your vehicle is eligible to be imported in the first place, or even worth it depending on the import fees. Always make sure to contact the importing local government's consulate office for help in regards to eligibility.
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Overseas Shipping (back)
We have perfected our service to handle the whole process for you. We process all Canada export filings for you accordingly (and US). With agents with facilities in all Southern provinces, we can move your vehicle to the closest facility to arrange your overseas export.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to ship my vehicle? +
    The length of time that your vehicle takes to arrive at its destination depends on the distance of the move. Every carrier has a logbook of hours they can drive maximum. So it will be typically a little longer than if you were to driver the vehicle yourself.
  • How do I prepare my vehicle for shipping? +
    Make sure your vehicle is clear of debris and relatively clean so a proper inspection can be performed. Please do not load your vehicle with personal items or fill up your gas tank before shipping as this will add unnecessary weight.
  • How do I book my vehicle transport? +
    Already have an auto transport quote? Call one of our agents with your booking number to schedule your car transport. If you do not know your booking number, our reps will be able to find it for you. If you do not have a quote yet, please contact us or send an online quote request and we'll get in contact with you.
  • Can I track my shipment or get a shipment update? +
    Yes you can. To track your vehicle or get an update on your vehicle's status, call dispatch at 877-234-7447 x 2 , or email us. Please make sure to provide your order ID and contact number if different from what we have on file for you.
  • Does Fidelity Auto Shipping ship inoperable, unusual, or heavy equipment? +
    Yes we do! Fidelity Auto Shipping regularly ships cars, trucks, SUVs, and inoperable vehicles all the time. But we're by no means limited. We also ship heavy machinery, equipment, and general freight.
  • What payment options are accepted? +
    We accept: Bank Cards, Wire Transfers, Checks, Cash, and eCheck.
  • Do you ship by rail or truck? +
    Depending on your origin and destination, your vehicle can be transported by truck, rail or both modes. If shipped by rail, your vehicle will be loaded into a car carrier rail-car. These rail-cars have either 2 or 3 levels and hold upwards of 15 vehicles. If your vehicle is moved by a car carrier keep in mind that these trucks are very large and sometimes will not be able to drop your vehicle off at your home address so an alternative drop off location may be arranged by Fidelity Auto Shipping.
  • Still have unanswered questions? +
    Please either call us at: 877-234-7447 or email us so we can better assist you.

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