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Shipping from USA to Canada

Shipping, Procedures, & Protocols

There are several reasons why car shipping from the USA to Canada is such a necessity. Many Canadian citizens require this service for purchase of vehicles not available in their markets. USA, being one of largest importers in the world receives a lot of inventory not readily available to other countries.

Some shippers who were staying in the USA temporarily for vacation to escape the winter in Canada. As springs rolls around, there is a massive exodus of vehicles shipped back up to Canada. After winding down from a relaxing vacation, there's not really a sense of urgency to drive all the way back up. Traffic, maintenance, hotels, fuel, food, the list goes on.

In the end it's more cost effective to just ship a vehicle to Canada instead. Getting a car shipping quote and comparing your expenses for a flight vs. driving may surprise you. You have to value your own time, your expenses and plan your stops accordingly to stay within a budget. You have to factor in traffic, road blocks and detours along the way as well. To get a better idea of the costs involved for domestic and international automobile transport call us directly for more information or fill out our online contact form.

Shipping from Canada to the USA

Shipping information, summary of procedures, & protocols

People need to transport their vehicles to the USA for a number of different reasons. Things such as vacation, temporary work, college, purchases, even gifts from Canada. The shipping industry as a whole has become a more viable option for parties to arrange and transport their own vehicles into the United States.

The beauty of this service is that we have it streamlined. To the point that everything is done in house. One point of contact, one company, and done. We will be your point of contact from start to finish, and only one bill needs to be arranged. We do the logistics, customs, and billing-- you just hand over the keys to our transporter. We'll handle the rest.

Whether an informal entry or a permanent entry. We handle all sorts of moves. We also have terminals where you can drop off your vehicle if required so you can leave at your leisure to vacation. One of our busiest seasons is Snowbird Season and we have the best rates in the industry.

To get a better idea of the costs involved we encourage you to call us directly for more information or fill out our online contact form.


Promotional rates and procedures

During the months of October through February is what we refer to as "snowbird season". It is when a massive exodus of vehicles leave from the colder climates of Ontario, and Quebec, to make their way to the South typically Florida. Snowbirds typically stay in Florida for a couple months until the weather becomes warmer.

We have a special offering for our snowbirds for round trip services and we handle all the paperwork involved for entries.

We think you will find our rates to be the most competitive all-inclusive service in the industry.


These rates last from October - March only. They are only applicable to snowbird shipments (temporary entries).

For shipping quotes please click our auto transport quote.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the vehicle shipping process work?

By leveraging our massive network, we're able to offer the most competitive rates in the industry. To get started, we'll begin the origin and destination. With this information we'll be able to generate a quote. If you decide to setup an order we'll send you some forms required for us to complete your entry.

Upon receipt of all documentation we will then schedule a carrier to move your car, boat, or general freight. We'll provide you an ETA for pick up and delivery. Our drivers perform inspections on both origin and destinations of the vehicle.

Our prices are all inclusive for car transport except for of course entry fees and duties which are dependent on the circumstances for importation. Because of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), fees are very nominal depending on the vehicle's origin of manufacture.

Q: I'm not Canadian/US citizen and I need my car for "work/vacation/purchase"?

Not a problem, we move hundreds of vehicles for year round for all types of reasons.We even offer discounts for booking round trips for snowbirds.

Please also consult our Customs & AES Filing section for more information or give us a call.

Q: What documents do I need to ship my vehicle to/from USA/Canada?

When you are looking to transport your vehicle over country lines, there is a lot of factors to consider. The procedures involved are not too complicated but there are rules and regulations that must be followed to a "T" in order to make sure the shipping process is a smooth one. In some special circumstances depending on your move we may need certain items not normally required. Luckily we have perfected the process in order to provide you with the confidence you need to choose us.

Our Customs & AES Filing portion of our site goes more into detail about the different methods and services available.

Q: What costs are involved for transporting my car to Canada?

We will provide you an all inclusive rate for shipping your vehicle. Our rates include everything: Fuel, Tolls, Taxes (shipping), Insurance, Documentation, & Filing.

To get a transport quote for shipping your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle. Please fill out our auto transport quote form. This would be the easiest way to get an idea of costs involved. You can also call us as well. We will get in contact with you to give you all the information needed to help make your decision.

Shipping a Car

We ship most of our clients vehicles in and between most major cities. We pick up on trends and price accordingly to offer the most competitive shipping rates out there. We tend to see a lot of movement in and out of Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax for vehicle shipping. Of course though, we offer services outside of the major locations too. We even offer car shipping services for Snowbirds that originate from Canada and are looking to come to the US for some sun. We also arrange informal entries for a low cost as well if you need help completing paperwork.

We do mostly door to door shipping, but we offer Auto Terminal Shipping as well for convenience for anyone who can wait or needs to leave out of town and prefers to drop their vehicle off instead of waiting for the carrier to come by for pick up. Our door to door service is where we have a local carrier come and pick up your vehicle and take it to our facilities for our freighters to then pick up and take to the closest terminal location to your destination. It is then loaded again onto a local carrier and brought to your door for delivery.

How much to ship my car?

Our prices are all inclusive, and by that we mean 1 price, no extras, no hidden surprises. Nothing. That's right, our prices include fuel, tolls, taxes, mileage, insurance, and door to door direct shipping. What's more, we'll match a competitor's rate so long as it's in writing and matches our level of service.

The cost to ship your vehicle depends on many different factors. Things such as fuel costs, supply and demand, seasonal changes and of course the size of your vehicle. You may be surprised through, the costs to ship your car, truck, or SUV may actually save you money vs. driving it across country. Getting an auto transport quote is really easy. Call us or fill out our online quote form.

Can I put things in my car for transport?

It really all depends on what's going on. Some people may leave a suitcase or two in the trunk, and that's fine most of the time. But there is a fine line between shipping one or two suitcases, and an apartment. We encourage you to call us directly for more information about shipping your vehicle, the process, procedures, and rules to follow.